The Runner From Ravenshead

"The music is masterful!"

(Film Review)

"I was also very impressed with the quality of the film. The music was professionally done, which puts this independent film over the top!"

(Film Review)

"...A Majestic Score recorded by the Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra, and the acting, make the film feel more like a major-budget Hollywood production than a tiny independent film on a shoestring budget."

(Film Review)

"A sweeping orignal score recorded live by the Filmharmonic Orchestra of Prague carries you along on a grand adventure that showcases daring rescues and flying machines."

(Film Review)

"The score hardly gives one a moment’s reprieve. It says action, suspense, and grandeur in the first five minutes and doesn’t let off."

(Film Review)

"The accompanying soundtrack, recorded live by the FILMharmonic© Orchestra of Prague, goes a long way toward conveying the tenor of the film and keeping the viewer on the edge of his seat.”

(Film Review)

“I was really impressed by the music. Dane is a consummate orchestrator and, more importantly, a fantastic theme writer. The ability to paint a picture aurally and emotionally that captures the heart of the common person, while at the same time fostering an intrinsic musical excellence which appeases the critical ear of the discriminating, is a rare gift which few have achieved.”

(Film Review)

Comments from Previous Directors

"Many Thanks for your musical wizardry! The film was pretty decent beforehand, but your composition made all the difference! I am recommending you to others that may need music in the near future."

(Andrew Hartness, Hartness Vision, LLC)

“Dane’s work can fit into any genre. Not only can his music fit any genre, but any film era, from the silent to the present. Even though I live in New York and he lives in Boston, he never skips a beat.”

(Steve Cook, Writer, Director and Actor of “Aim, Point, Shoot” and “What Curse?” and Founder of Grizzlock Productions, TM, New York, NY)

"Since three years back, I've had a very productive and inspiring collaboration with Dane. He is writing and producing the music for my feature documentary. Our ways of communication have been based solely on social media connectivity and despite living on different continents (I am a Swede); he has managed to move my production to a higher level through his music. Dane understands the tone of what this film is for me, a personal reflection on witnessing a community thrown into the shock of a school massacre, and then rising together, turning shadow into light. His music interprets this transition perfectly, covering the spectrum ranging from horror and anxiety to hope and strength. In addition, he wrote a soundtrack for my hometown in Sweden, the naval city of Karlskrona. The town which has a key role in the film was through careful research and accurate precision, captured beautifully by Dane and has earned much positive reaction from the people I've shared it with here in Sweden.

I am very grateful to be working with Dane on this film, and I look forward to many opportunities of future collaboration with him beyond this film.”

(Martin Arvebro, Director of "Blacksburg: A Special Place," Karlskrona, Sweden)

"Dane has a passion for effectively communicating the emotion of a scene through the score, which is something that comes naturally for him. Communicating to Dane the vision and message of a clip or a scene has always been straightforward, rarely requiring further explanation. Even communicating and working with him when we were on separate continents was streamlined and efficient. Dane listens to the direction and concepts as given to him, gives valuable input, and consistently delivers high quality scores which aesthetically accentuate and assertively reinforce the visual media they accompany.”

(John Zimmerman, Directer of "No Greater Love," Durham, NC)

“Dane has a gift for building dynamic soundtracks that complete the picture as envisioned by the director. He can be counted on to bring innovative ideas to support the picture with underlying themes that build the viewer experience. Composing is second nature for Dane; he can adapt his style to follow the project as it goes through the inevitable changes made in the editing process.”

(Peter Rumley, Director of The Moscow Video Team)